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Track your keyword positions in Google Analytics

Posted: January 21st, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: seo | No Comments »

Friends from the (great sports site btw) shared this tip with me a few months back, and now after having friends inquire about it, i figured it’s something to be shared.

It’s a custom report that you must create, just create these filters

Step 1

Login to Google Analytics and Add a profile to an existing account.

Edit the profile settings and scroll down to the filters section. Add the following filters:

Step 2 – Create filters

Filter 1: Organic Filter – just include organic traffic
  • Type = Custom Filter
  • Option = Include
  • Filter Field = Campaign Medium
  • Filter Pattern = organic

Filter 2: Google Filter – just include google sources
  • Type = Custom Filter
  • Option = Include
  • Filter Field = Campaign Source
  • Filter Pattern = google

Filter 3: Search Engine Visitors – only include search results with ‘cd’ in the referrer
  • Type = Custom Filter
  • Option = Include
  • Filter Field = referral
  • Filter Pattern =|url).*\bcd=\d*.

Filter 4: Search Ranking – display results in user defined report
  • Type = Custom Filter
  • Option = Advanced
  • Field A -> Extract A = Referral \bq=([^&]*)
  • Field B -> Extract B = Referral \bcd=(\d*)
  • Output To -> Constructor = User Defined $A1 | Rank: $B1
  • Field A Required = Yes
  • Field B Required = Yes
  • Override Output Field = Yes

Once you have some data in the account you should be able to view reports and go to Visitors > User Defined. Type in the filter Rank: [1-5]$ and you’ll see a listing of all your keywords that are in the top 5, you can change 1-5 to be 1-10 to see all keywords on the first page.

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