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Silicon Valley Term Sheets – Presented by Brad Rock at the SVNewTech

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Brad Rock, a partner at DLA Piper and gratious host of the Silicon Valley New Tech meetup has shared with us his incredibly valuable Expert Series Talk on what Term Sheets look like in Silicon Valley for web & tech startups.  The presentation was record on ustream and I’m working on getting the audio sync’d with the presentation below.  The slides have a ton of information and I had a number of people come up to me after the talk and say how what they learned about Term Sheets would have cost them hundreds of dollars if they had to sit down with their own lawyers.

Understanding Silicon Valley Term Sheets – Which Terms Don’t Matter & Which Terms Do

A sample Series A Term Sheet provided by Brad Rock, Partner at DLA Piper

Thank you DLA Piper for your many years hosting the Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup.

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